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On this page you can find out

  • the process for considering how the Specialist Public Health Workforce might best work in the future
  • the current options for the future workforce
  • engagement on the options and how you can contribute.

The contribution of the specialist and core public health workforce in Scotland is vital to the formation of a new public health body.

Alongside the formation of the new public health body, the Specialist Public Health Workforce commission is considering how best the specialist public health workforce should be organised in Scotland to

  • most effectively meet the needs of national, regional and local partners
  • deliver the most effective and efficient public health function for Scotland in the future.

The workstream is co-chaired by Audrey Sutton Head of Connected Communities, North Ayrshire Council, and Dona Milne, Director of Public Health, NHS Fife.

You can find out more about the commission by reading the commissioning brief and stakeholder briefings.

Options for future working

The commission is supported by an expert advisory group. The group includes expertise and insight from across the whole system to develop options for the future workforce.

The options for future specialist public health workforce are:

  1. Move staff in public health teams to local authorities.
  2. Move staff to health and social care partnerships (HSCPs).
  3. Enhanced status quo: public health teams remain in NHS Boards and form new relationships with Public Health Scotland.
  4. All staff from public health teams move to Public Health Scotland and are deployed from there.
  5. Regional public health hubs.
  6. Hybrid model with national, regional and local elements.

Review of the options

The expert advisory group reviewed the options for future working at a workshop in February 2019. The group was asked to assess each option against a number of criteria. The criteria asked whether a proposed model would

  • be efficient, effective and resilient
  • support dynamic public health leadership
  • how easy would it be to implement.

You can read a full summary of the options, discussion and analysis. 

Engage with the options

The reform programme in partnership with Directors of Public Health are leading a programme of engagement with

  • the core and specialist workforce
  • professional bodies
  • the NHS
  • local government
  • trade unions
  • community planning partnerships
  • community and voluntary organisations
  • Health and Social Care Partnerships.

The feedback from this engagement will be included in the options being presented to the reform programme board to consider in April 2019.

To engage with the options you can contact us.