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Target Operating Model version 2

The Target Operating Model (TOM) for Public Health Scotland builds on the work carried out by the commissions and projects. The TOM aims to deliver a public health body consistent with the reform programme's ambitions equipped to meet the needs of the whole system.

The new body is being designed and created using a collaborative approach. This has involved stakeholders from across the whole system including

  • local government
  • community and voluntary organisations
  • the wider public sector.

What the Target Operating Model will do

The TOM will outline how Public Health Scotland will operate in the short and medium term, including on its first day and over the next three to five years.

The TOM will describe how Public Health Scotland will support and enable change, and drive the wider public health system. The TOM will also outline how the new public health body will

  • be equipped to meet Scotland's future public health challenges
  • be integral to a public health function in Scotland
  • provide authoritative leadership
  • make improvements to the public’s health across Scotland
  • address issues that matter to local communities.

Target Operating Model version 2.0

The model for Public Health Scotland describes a visibly different organisation from day one but also set out a process of change for its first three years (and beyond) to effectively deliver the reform programmes ambitions.

Read version 2.0 of the TOM report to find out more about how Public Health Scotland function is being worked.