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Target Operating Model version 1

A draft TOM for Public Health Scotland has now been published. The draft was developed based on the work of the commissions and projects in 2018. Following engagement to seek the views of different stakeholders, a revised version of the TOM will be submitted to the reform programme board for agreement by the end of March 2019.

The draft

  • describes the contribution that Public Health Scotland will make to the wider public health system
  • outlines the core responsibilities Public Health Scotland will have in its executive management team
  • proposes that Public Health Scotland is organised based on outcomes which support the public health system in Scotland.

As the current version of the TOM is a draft, full details of how Public Health Scotland will function are still being worked through. 

You can read also find out more about the TOM in our Target Operating Model briefings.

You can review the summary of feedback and how this has influenced the final operating model for Public Health Scotland.