This website is no longer updated. For the latest information, visit Public Health Scotland.

Development of Public Health Scotland

Public Health Scotland will be established in April 2020. There are a number of strands of work underway to inform how the new body will function and operate.

Commissions and projects

The Public Health Reform team has established a number of projects and commissions to engage with stakeholders and design the new body. These projects and commissions cover a number of areas including Data and Intelligence, Health Protection, Healthcare Public Health and Health Improvement.

This work will feed into the design of the new body in the form of a Target Operating Model.

Target Operating Model

The Target Operating Model (TOM) builds on the work of the commissions and projects. The TOM informs the design of Public Health Scotland and describes how it will function.

Legislative consultation

The Scottish Government will lead a consultation on establishing the new body. The consultation will focus on the legislative requirements needed to establish the new body by the end of 2020.

The consultation will seek views on Public Health Scotland's

  • governance and accountability
  • outcomes and performance
  • functions and structure
  • future relationships with the wider public health system.

The consultation will provide an opportunity for individuals, organisations and partners to influence the new body and how it will lead and support collaboration to improve health and wellbeing in Scotland.