Commissions and Project Initiation Documents

Public Health Scotland is being developed through a number of commissions and projects which will feed into a Target Operating Model.

The commissions cover important aspects of how the new public health body will function. Project Initiation Documents (PIDs) are similar to commissions and will take forward the practical elements required for Public Health Scotland to deliver those functions.

These functions include

  • health protection
  • health improvement
  • healthcare public health
  • data and intelligence
  • research
  • innovation.

The majority of commissions have now submitted their recommendations to the Public Health Reform Programme Board. The work done as a result of the commissions and projects are feeding into a Target Operating Model for Public Health Scotland.


The commissions were collaborative, and had a number of people working on them. They were

  • staff from NHS Health Scotland and Public Health and Intelligence
  • partners from across the whole system.

Each commission reported against a number of defined deliverables, and made recommendations on how the relevant functions of Public Health Scotland should operate.

The commissions are

Project Initiation Documents

Projects are similar to commissions but consider the practical elements that will help Public Health Scotland deliver the functions 

The PIDs are

Target Operating Model

The Target Operating Model builds on the work carried out by the commissions and projects. It describes how Public Health Scotland will enable change and support the wider public health system to improve health and wellbeing.