This website is no longer updated. For the latest information, visit Public Health Scotland.

There are a number of ways in which you can contribute to improving the public's health. You can start by considering the changes you can make to how your organisation works.

  • Think about how we can work better together across Scotland to improve the public's health.
  • Consider how you will put the public’s health at the heart of your organisation’s decision making.
  • Make a commitment to reform and improving the public's health.
  • Find out more about Scotland's public health priorities.

We will need to work more closely across organisations to improve the public’s health and reduce health inequalities. Public health priorities will be an important focus to support this new way of working.

By working more closely together we can prevent ill health and empower citizens and communities to manage their own health and sustain healthy behaviours. Working as a whole system can help improve the way you

  • plan the delivery of services
  • share experience and resources
  • build new and existing partnerships to take action on local public health challenges
  • tackle the wider environmental, social and economic factors which have a negative impact on the public's health

The whole system approach will also help you to

  • identify local public health concerns
  • develop solutions and design services that meet local needs.

You can also consider how your organisation or partnership might place public health at the heart of decision making. You could use evidence and data in different ways to

  • design healthier communities and places
  • improve the way you plan and deliver services
  • provide population health information to local communities.

Scotland's public health priorities will support our ambitions for whole system working and focus on those public health issues which will have the greatest potential to improve health and reduce inequalities over the next 10 years.

You can also join in the conversation and telling us about what you’ve been doing to improve the public's health and action on Scotland's public health priorities. You can contact us or follow us on twitter.