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11 March 2019 9:53
20 March 2019 9:54

Public Health Reform in partnership with the Scottish Community Planning Network has organised a series of regional engagements for community planning partners on the development of Public Health Scotland and support for community planning. The location and dates are summarised below:


The purpose of the events will be to engage community planning partners from across Scotland to inform the design of Public Health Scotland and its relationship with community planning partnerships. The events will also consider options on how the specialist public health expertise available nationally and locally can best be deployed to support this collaborative endeavour.

Public Health Reform is an equal partnership between the Scottish Government and COSLA to strengthen and refocus the public health effort in Scotland to improve the health and wellbeing of communities. The reform programme has involved the wider system of partners from across the public, third and community sectors in re-designing in the future public health landscape including agreeing public health priorities and the establishment of a new public health body – Public Health Scotland in December 2019.

Fundamental to the success of the reform programme will be the role of local partnerships as the catalyst for collaboration on Scotland’s public health priorities and supporting a whole system approach to improving health and wellbeing for our most disadvantaged communities. The role of Public Health Scotland and the contribution of the specialist public health workforce in supporting local partnerships is key to achieving our reform ambitions and the focus of our work over the coming weeks and months.

As part of this work, the Scottish Government and COSLA will be launching a consultation on Public Health Scotland in February 2019, this will include seeking views on the role of the new body in working with and supporting local partnerships and communities.

As part of this consultation and to inform the design of the new public health body the reform team has organised a programme of regional engagement events in partnership with the Scottish Community Planning Network.